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Terms and Conditions

1. Services Provided by Motorcycle Training People

  • All motorcycles are all MOTed, taxed and insured fully comprehensive
  • Provide free-of-charge loaning of equipment and clothing such as safety helmet, motorcycle jacket and gloves
  • Advise the student rider on the current training costs
  • Provide a registered Driving Standards Agency motorcycle instructor that is fully qualified to the highest level
  • The course cost covers the use of the motorcycle/machine on training and when on the practical tests and running costs
  • Register the student rider for their test at a suitable test centre
  • Provide the student rider with a loan machine which fully meets the minimum vehicle requirements for test

2. Obligations of the Student Rider

  • The student rider will, at all times, be in possession of the necessary driving documents while undertaking the course
  • The student rider will provide full and accurate information to Motorcycle Training People at all times especially any changes such as address and contact telephone number
  • The student rider must be able to read a vehicle licence plate from at least 20.5 meter or 67 feet (about five car lengths) away in good daylight. If glasses are needed to achieve this, then they must be worn at all times whilst training
  • Theory tests are booked with the DSA on behalf of the students by Motorcycle Training People and are subject to the DSA terms and conditions
  • The student rider will show the officer at the theory test centre and the DSA examiner at the practical test centre a form of photographic ID, their current driving licence plastic photocard with the correct provisional entitlement and where appropriate, a valid theory test pass certificate
  • When the student rider fails to meet the conditions of paragraph 2.5, the relevant test will not take place and the test fee will be forfeited by the individual
  • The student rider is to arrive punctually at the start of each day. If more than 30 minutes late, the motorcycle training will commence by the motorcycle instructor and without the student. In this instance, lost training time will not be refunded or made up
  • If the student rider is considered by the motorcycle instructor to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, then the course will be terminated and all training and test fees will be forfeited
  • If the motorcycle instructor considers the student rider to be suffering from sleep deprivation, the course will be suspended for at least 24 hours and the relevant fees will be lost

3. Training with Motorcycle Training People

  • Normal on-site opening hours are 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM every day, while normal office opening hours are 8:30 AM – 10:00 PM every day
  • A CBT is not a guaranteed pass. Training beyond seven hours will incur additional costs. Details are available from the motorcycle instructor.
  • A CBT course has a maximum ratio of four students to one motorcycle instructor on-site and two students to one motorcycle instructor on-road.
  • During the CBT course, you will get a 30-minute break.
  • At the four-hour point of the training day, if the motorcycle instructor believes a student is not safe to proceed onto the road, then the training will be suspended and more training will be offered at a later date (usually within 10 days).
  • A normal DAS or 125cc on-road training day with a ratio of two students to one motorcycle instructor will start at 8.30 AM and will end by 3:00 PM. During the day, there will be at least two 20-minute breaks.
  • Motorcycle Training People will make every effort for the student to be with the same motorcycle and instructor for each part of their training courses but reserves the right to change either the machine or instructor if needed.
  • In the event of the loan motorcycle breakdown, Motorcycle Training People will arrange for the student rider to have further training to make up for lost time.
  • Motorcycle Training People reserves the right to amend training dates and times should they arise. If in such a case, Motorcycle Training People will endeavour to give the student rider at least 24 hours’ notice.
  • A student rider that withdraws after starting the course will be charged the full course payment and the DSA test fee.
  • Late cancellation of less than 14 days prior to the first training date will result in loss of the DSA test fee and a cancellation fee of £150.00.
  • Any cancellation or refund request must be made in writing to Motorcycle Training People 14 days before the start of any training.
  • Changes made by the student rider to alter test dates or training will be amended free of charge provided that more than 14 days’ notice has been given prior to the start of any training.
  • To book a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course, a non-refundable course payment is to be paid in advance.
  • Any complaint about the course administration should be made at the first instance to Motorcycle Training People.
  • Any complaint about the motorcycle training or instructors should be made in the first instance to the instructor at the end of the training day.
  • Any complaint that has not been resolved by the instructor should be made to the Motorcycle Training People's secretary in writing no later the 48 hours after the incident.
  • In the event of any accident, the student shall be liable to pay Motorcycle Training People for any insurance excess payment up to a maximum amount of £350.00 for any damage caused to clothing, equipment or machine.
  • To reserve a course and practical test of one or more days, a non-refundable deposit of £150.00 is required.
  • During a normal training day, the loan motorcycle may require minor maintenance (i.e.: tire repairs, blown fuse, bulb, etc.). Should the need arise, the motorcycle instructor will make up any lost time at the convenience of the student rider.
  • The student rider must pay the balance of any outstanding fee on the first training day either by cash or through credit/debit card.
  • All course and test fees will vary subject to the duration of training. All quotes are valid for 30 days.

4. Confidentiality and Data Protection

  • Motorcycle Training People will be responsible for ensuring that the processing of your personal data complies with the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • Motorcycle Training People will keep all confidential information (i.e.: copy of driving licence, etc.), which the student rider supplies in connection with this agreement.

5. Disclaimer

  • Motorcycling is a hazardous activity. Motorcycle Training People accepts no responsibility for and will not be liable in respect of any damage, loss, injury, liability suffered by the student rider in connection with any course of instruction or ride organised by Motorcycle Training People or its agents.

6. Law

This agreement shall be construed as being subject to the laws of England and Wales and embodies all the terms and conditions agreed between the parties.

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